Reaching for the Stars!

All Stars Montessori Providing exceptional child care for all ages! Located in Apple Valley.

Toddler Program:

Ages 16 months to 3 years

As each infant reaches the age of 16 months and indicates signs of readiness, they will begin the transition into the toddler program.  The ratio in the toddler program is 1:7.  The goal of toddler teachers is to continue to provide a safe environment for each child to explore while offering opportunities for them to gain confidence in various self-help skills such as eating at a table, sleeping on a cot, playing and sharing with their peers, communicating their wants and needs, etc.  Potty training will occur during your child’s toddler years, and the teachers will take into account each child’s individual signs of readiness and work in partnership with you to ensure that this experience is a successful one for your child.  Sign language will continue to be used at this age as well as helping each child to find the words necessary for communicating their needs. 


They will participate in small group activities that will teach songs, colors, counting, alphabet, etc.  They will also begin learning through various sensorial activities including:  puppets, puzzles, art and more.  Montessori education will begin to prepare them for skills that they will use in preschool and beyond.  Practical life materials are a big focus as they help the child to develop concentration and coordination skills.  Sensorial materials enable your toddler to continue to explore their environment through their senses.  And many of the manipulative activities that are part of the toddler environment will incorporate counting skills, recognition and memory skills, etc.  Arts and crafts; dramatic play; and music and movement activities will round out their learning experience and keep this busy age group engaged.

Outdoor play and other large muscle opportunities are valuable parts of each child’s learning experience.  Toddlers will be enjoying outdoor play all year around, and when Minnesota weather interferes – indoor large muscle activities will ensure they have a positive outlet for their abundant energy.   

All of the activities in the toddler age program – educational and social – will go a long way to prepare your child for their transition into preschool.