Before and After School and

School release days

Our school aged program is available to All Stars Montessori preschool graduates that attend Highland Elementary School or have been accepted into the District 196 magnet program.  District transportation is provided from All Stars Montessori.

The goal of our school age program is to provide a safe and structured environment where children can continue to develop important social skills through peer relationships.  The environment and activities are built around social activities such as games (both indoor and outdoor), arts and crafts, dramatic play, and more.  Our school age teachers encourage positive interaction among the children that builds on their sense of community and belonging. 

During the summer, and on days when elementary schools are closed, your school ager will be kept actively engaged in special projects, field trips and more!

During the summer – we kick it into high gear, and are busy exploring many fun places throughout the area.  

Reaching for the Stars!

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