Reaching for the Stars!

All Stars Montessori Providing exceptional child care for all ages! Located in Apple Valley.

Our Staff

Selecting caring and qualified staff is important to us.  We carefully interview each potential teacher, check their references and conduct a background study.  All of our staff are experienced with children and genuinely love to work with them.  We work together as a team, and all of our staff are "cross-trained" to be knowledgeable and comfortable with all age groups.  Because our goal is to maintain a warm, home-like environment, the children have the opportunity to get to know all of the teachers and relationships are cultivated and nurtured throughout the child's attendance at All Stars Montessori.  Our staff is versatile and flexible and always ready to adjust with us as we grow and hire new staff.  We know that what makes a successful school and happy, well-adjusted children are happy teachers who enjoy coming to school each day to educate and care for your children. 
​As always, we meet and in most cases exceed the State of Minnesota’s requirements for staffing.  We are also proud to offer many regular training opportunities for our staff including such things as:  classes to obtain certification in Early Childhood or Montessori; CPR training; First Aid training; Epi-Pen training; various child development training opportunities; Montessori training and mentoring; regular training on state requirements for child care providers; and much more!  Regular annual re-training is provided for all staff on:  Shaken Baby Syndrome, Bloodborne Pathogens, Mandated Reporting and policy & licensing review.

Please take a moment to meet our staff:

Infants –

​Ms. Denise (one of the owners)started All Stars in August of 2007 after operating an in-home Montessori childcare with Ms.Tracy for four years.  She has her certificate in both Early Childhood as well as Montessori and is trained in SIDS/SBS, CPR and First Aid.  She has years of experience in child care and in the medical field (which is invaluable as a teacher).  Denise loves being able to be a part of the day-to-day environment at All Stars and to get to know each and every one of the kids and moms and dads.

Ms. Nallely joined All Stars in 2015. She is a recent graduate from Eastview High School.  She came highly recommended by her child development teacher.  She has done lots of babysitting and loves watching the kids smile and play, she is trained in SIDS/SBS and CPR.

Ms. Alicia P. joined All Stars in 2012.  She has spent six years pouring her love into a young boy that she’s been nannying since he was a baby.  She has taken various classes in child development and child psychology.  She is trained in SIDS/SBS, CPR and First Aid. Alicia loves how much fun children are – and always enjoys the observations they make and the things they say.

Toddlers – 


Ms. Heather joined All Stars in 2015.  She worked for us for nearly 5 years and now we are so happy to have her back as a part of our Toddler team!  Heather is trained in SIDS/SBS, CPR, and First Aid.  Heather loves teaching and shaping the lives of children and prepping those toddlers for preschool!

Ms. Ashley joined All Stars in 2012 after working for seven years in childcare (many of those with babies).  She has obtained certification in Nursing Assistance and Early Childhood Education and she is currently attending school for radiology.  She is trained in SIDS/SBS, CPR, and First Aid.  Ashley loves to know she’s making a difference in children’s lives and loves to provide “hands-on” learning opportunities through arts & crafts and sensorial activities.

Ms. Tamie joined All Stars in 2017.  She has a daughter and a son.  Tamie is full of energy and loves working with toddlers.  She enjoys watching them grow from day to day.   

Ms. Ellen joined All Stars in 2018. She has a preschool-aged son that keeps her busy. Ellen has a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and has a lot of prior experience with children.  Ellen is a go-getter and loves planning fun activities for her toddlers and watching them learn and grow!

Ms. Kasie joined All Stars in 2018. Kasie has her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and has a passion for teaching.  Kasie loves teaching the toddlers new things and loves watching their brains soak everything up! Plus, the snuggles aren't so bad, either.

Preschool –

Ms. Tracy (one of the owners)started All Stars in August of 2007 after operating an in-home Montessori childcare with Ms. Denise for four years.  She received her Montessori training at St. Catherine’s and has 20 years of experience teaching Montessori preschool.  She is trained in CPR and First Aid.  Tracy believes wholeheartedly in the Montessori approach to education and the opportunities it gives to each individual child to learn.
Ms. Kate joined our All Stars team in 2015, we are so happy to have her back! Ms. Kate worked at All Stars for over 4 years before taking a break to finish school and raise her three daughters. Ms. Kate loves teaching and has a passion for Montessori and the kids she teaches. She has been working in Montessori for over 16 years. She has her Associates for Medical Assisting and a Diploma in Early Childhood Development. She is CPR and First Aide certified. She also assists Ms. Becca in the office.

Ms. Lynnseyjoined All Stars in 2011.  She has her Child Development Associate credential and has years of experience working with children.  She is trained in CPR and First Aid.  Lynnsey believes she is in the most rewarding career, being able to teach children skills that will help them be successful throughout their life.

Ms. Tiffany joined All Stars in 2012 to greet kids and parents as they come in every day. She is a busy mom of three young kids and loves the opportunity to nurture and care for the preschoolers each morning.  She is kind and compassionate and the children love her.

Ms. Meagan joined All Stars in 2013 and has worked with kids for over 12 years in various settings such as childcare, babysitting and caring for her young son. Meagan has her certificate in Early Childhood and is trained in SIDS/SBS, CPR and First aid.  She loves the fact that children can instantly brighten your day. She loves watching them learn and grow and knowing she is making an impact in their lives.

Ms. Jenn joined All Stars in 2017.  She has two son's and owns a Carbone's Pizza in Hasting's with her Husband.  She has been teaching for many years in Montessori in all different age groups.  She enjoys coming and being apart of the children's days and seeing their smiles when they are learning something new!  

Ms. Alicia H. joined All Stars is 2017. She came highly recommended by another teacher here at All Stars. She has a preschool-aged son that keeps her on her toes. She loves giving love and snuggles to all the children in her care and giving them loving care each day.  She is working currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Human Services.

The rest of our staff – 

Ms. Collettejoined All Stars in 2010 and has had the opportunity to care for and nurture children in all of the age groups.  She has years of experience as a mom and a grandma and is loving and caring with all the children.  She is trained in SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Collette never fails to bring a smile to the children’s faces

Ms. Becca (Director) joined All Stars in 2012 and comes with a lot of administrative experience and has even subbed for All Stars in the past. Besides keeping busy with “administrative” duties, Becca helps out in classrooms whenever she’s needed.  She is trained in SIDS/SBS and CPR. Becca loves the fact that she can help keep the school running smoothly in the office and impact the lives of the children!

Ms. Kelley joined All Stars in 2015.  Ms. Kelley has her Montessori Education from St. Catherine's College and has experience teaching Montessori in the Toddler and Preschool ages.  Ms. Kelley loves working and teaching children because she loves to see their faces when they learn something new!  She is trained in SIDS/SBS and CPR.