Infant Program:

Ages 6 weeks to 16 months

The ratio in our infant room is 1:4.  The goal of our infant teachers is to encourage each baby to explore their environment safely as they grow.  Using the Montessori philosophy, they will interact with each baby through word and touch to encourage them to become more and more involved in their surroundings. 

Teachers will engage the infants in various activities that aid in their physical development such as tummy time, sitting on their own, crawling, pulling themselves up and eventually walking.  The infants are allowed to play freely with the various materials in the room including soft blocks, sorting/stacking toys, musical toys and other small and large muscle materials.  Teachers will spend time with the infants rocking, cuddling, talking to, reading to, singing to, etc.  Infants will be fed, changed and napped according to their own individual schedule.  Sign language will be introduced to infants as a form of communicating their needs.  As the weather permits, infants will be taken outdoors to ensure fresh air and further learning opportunities.

As the infants grow and begin to be more mobile in the exploration of their environment, teachers will continue to introduce them to developmentally appropriate large muscle activities, arts and crafts and other self-help skills that will ease their transition into the toddler room.

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